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About US

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Eric Basek is our founder. He’s a NJ boy, an EMT that spent time at ground zero with his father on 9/11 and was inspired to become a police officer. He worked in Washington DC, New York City and even served on a full-time SWAT team!

As a child, he struggled with his weight. Saving up money from a paper route, at 12 years old,. he joined a local gym in Franklin Borough New Jersey. He’s wanted to own a gym ever since!

His first certification as a personal trainer was in 2000. In 2006 he began teaching Krav Maga. In 2009 he fell in love with CrossFit at his Level 1 course (his first actual CrossFit workout…Fran!).

Fast forward to February 2020! Blue Titan is approaching it’s 9 year anniversary. After many..many…many mistakes, Eric has a business, a staff and a community that he is incredibly proud of. Coaches he calls family and a community that has expanded beyond New Jersey to as far away as California with the advent of his virtual coaching program in late 2018. And finally…FINALLY….after nearly 9 years, his business is profitable.


It would be easy to think this was the end. An insurmountable obstacle that would lead to the closing of his gym, like so many others.

That, however, was never an option.

With the help of his team, Blue Titan did what Ross Gellar suggested all those years ago…

Blue Titan spent three months hard at work expanding their virtual coaching program to provide greater value and offerings then ever before. New programming tracks were added, new workout videos were created, a film and production team were brought in and Blue Titan On Demand became a dream come true!

People will always need to feel good and our coaches will ALWAYS find a way!


-The Blue Titan Team

Eric Basek



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