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Free Workout Preview - Kids 4-6 Years Old

Free Workout Preview - Kids 4-6 Years Old

Join us for a free preview of our Future Blue Titans Program.

This particular workout is optimized for kids 4-6 years old but is of benefit to kids 3-13 and can be done alone or with an older sibling/parent depending on maturity level.

The focus of this workout is conditioning and coordination that will improve martial arts techniques. A series of interval style workouts designed to improve cardiovascular and respiratory endurance and compliment martial arts programs.

Future Blue Titans
These workouts are designed similar to Blues Clues. Watch the same video every single day of a week, Mon-Fri. The first 1-3 days you might find a parent needs to participate, but as confidence and exposure increased, your child will likely do very well solo! This particular program focuses on body mechanics and general fitness and is designed for 4-6 year old children.

Junior Black Belts:
This is our kids series designed for 8-12 year olds. The program is split into two types of videos: WORKOUT and SELF-DEFENSE. The workouts compliment the self-defense techniques and the self-defense mindset is pervasive in all the videos. There is currently a free preview already available in our Blog!

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