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Extreme Combat Conditioning

This is all about cardio! No equipment necessary. Workouts take between 30 and 45 minutes and are designed to improve your balance, coordination, conditioning and explosive power!  This is a hi-def on demand video series only.  Participate on your own or join a challenge with a scripted training plan and accompanying nutrition guide to maximize your results!




These are Eric’s favorite! There is something fun about throwing around a bag of sand. Workouts require a single sandbag, though it certainly helps to have a second bag with a secondary weight (heavier or lighter) and real sandbag addicts will also consider the kettlebell bag and/or the strongman ball! Workouts are typically less than 30 minutes, work the entire body and are great for building “Farmer Strength”!  

Members get access to daily workouts sent directly to the mobile app where you can also track performance and log workouts.  Members may also watch one of our hi-def on demand Sandbag Video Series Workouts to receive coaching tips, cues and motivation along the way!



For our “Swingers”, these workouts require one piece of equipment, a Kettlebell!  Members get access to daily program delivered to our cell phone app, where workouts can be logged and performance results tracked.  Additionally, members can watch one of our hi-def on demand videos from the Kettlebell Workout Series to receive a dose of extra motivation from Coach Lloyd and the Team!


Bodyweight Beasts

This programming track is designed for people who have no equipment at home, or happen to find themselves on the road and away from their favorite kettlebell! Workouts are scalable to any skill level and results can be logged directly in our mobile app. 

Additionally, members have access to our hi-def on demand video workout series where our coaching team will guide you through the workouts providing coaching cues, tips and motivation along the way!



The Master Minimalist

This programming track is designed for someone who has invested approximately $300 into some basic home equipment. If you have all of the items below, you will be able to follow this track every day of the week.

Do the workouts on your own and log in our mobile app OR join one of our hi-def on demand videos from the comfort of your living room or garage gym!

Ab Mat, Jump Rope, Dumbbell(s), Kettlebell(s), Wall ball, Pull up Bar and Rings (or TRX device). 



The Home Gym Hero

This is a programming only track designed for the athlete that has a full gym at home!  Get daily programming directly to your phone, track and log your results and monitor your results all from the comfort of your garage. 




KravFit is part Krav Maga, part Insanity, part Cardio Kickboxing. A bodyweight only workout designed to improve your fighting fitness and conditioning. If you are a martial artist, looking to improve your skill and stamina, look no further than these workouts! Provided in 4K Hi-Definition Glory and led by Coach Cheryl.



Midline Mayhem

This is a bonus track for all our members, designed to build a tough core and sexy six-pack! It’s also a favorite among the community!

Join our Facebook “Shred Thred” and share your at-home progress with the group.  Workout on your own with our programming track, sent direct to your phone every day. Or join us in one of our on demand workout videos and see how you stack up to our coach led workouts in hi-def!



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