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What Equipment Do I Need?

An Open Mind, a Positive Attitude, a willingness to try and a desire to learn are all that is needed to get started. We have dozens of bodyweight only videos in the Extreme Combat Conditioning, KravFit, Midline Mayhem and Bodyweight Beasts series! Additional daily programming is provided straight to your phone via our mobile app that requires NO equipment and MINIMAL time.

Of Course, workouts that require equipment are also included 😉 You can learn about their specific requirements by clicking the names below:
Dumbbell (2 Optimal)
Kettlebell (2 Optimal)SandbagDoor Mount Pull up Bar ORTRX UnitWall BallAb Mat
Jump Rope
Everything in Master Minimalist
Barbell with at least 135 PoundsSandbagCardio Equipment (Bike/Row) OR space to runBox (or something to jump on)

How much time do I need to work out?

Some of our workouts can be done in under 12 minutes. Some take 45 minutes to an hour. The beauty is we have workout videos you can follow along with and programming you can do on your own for ALL time domains. So whether you have 15 minutes or 2 hours, you are sure to get a workout that is fun and challenging.

What if I want help with Nutrition?

More Great News!

First, let’s start with the FREE Options. We have an entire nutrition program with a growing library that includes Food Tips and Recipes!

Additionally, we offer approximately 8 community based challenges throughout the year where specific workout programs are paired with specific nutrition plans to get you accelerated results in 30-42 days time. These “challenges” range from FREE to VERY AFFORDABLE.

Finally, for those who are most serious about a significant life change, you can book an interview with a coach to learn more about our 18 Week Life Coaching and Transformation Program, “A Few Simple Disciplines”. Click this link to learn more!

What if I have other questions about…well….anything?

Good news! Blue Titan coaches LOVE to help. When you join, you will receive emails from Coaches Marki, Cheryl, Dylan, Nogi and our owner Eric. You can email them and even text them (yes, text them) if you need help! Additionally, you will have members only access to videos on every topic, designed to make your life easier as you become an educated and well-oiled athletic machine!

Your workout videos are beautiful, but I only need programming, can I sign up for that?

Aww thanks! 🙂 We are happy to say YES to your question.

Click this link to get access to our daily programming straight to your phone!

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